Tickets Available This Fall

Adult Sunflower Tickets$20

+ Age 13 and up
+ Available 7 Days a Week, 10 am - 4pm
+ 50 minutes long
+ Includes option to harvest 5 flowers

Kids Sunflower Tickets$10

+ Age 3 -12
+ Adult Ticket required
+ Available 7 days a week, 10 am - 4pm
+ Includes option to harvest 5 flowers.

Farm Picnic Table$300

+ Available at 10 am, 12pm, and 2pm Friday - Sunday Only
+ Includes Admission for 10 people
+Includes option to harvest 5 flowers/person
+ One Hour Fifty Minute Session
+ Includes hay bail benches, table, and waste receptacle

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Additional Options

  • Packet of Sunflower Seeds

    Packet of Sunflower Seeds

    Grab a packet of Andreotti Family Farms Sunflower Seeds to plant and grow at home!

    $5.00 ea.

  • Packet of Pumpkin Seeds

    Packet of Pumpkin Seeds

    Take the gift of farm fresh seeds home with you this year.

    $5.00 ea.

  • Edible Squash & Pumpkins

    Edible Squash & Pumpkins

    We still have the most delicious edible squash and pumpkins around! Mix and match any 5 for $25. Take home a variety and do a fall squash tasting with your friends along with your annual wine tasting!

    $25.00 ea.

  • Farmer's Wife Cooking Salts

    Farmer's Wife Cooking Salts

    Made from the herbs from my backyard garden, bring home a little farm flavor to finish your special dishes!

    $9.00 ea.


By purchasing this ticket I agree that I understand and agree to the terms of the below release of liability.

Andreotti Family Farms is a working farm. In connection with our Fall Season on the coastside, Andreotti Family Farms is specially opened for sales and to give visitors, especially children, an opportunity to see and make a positive relationship with our farming heritage.

Like other farms, Andreotti Family Farms has farming equipment, antique tractors and trucks, hand tools, power tools, lumber and metal objects, irrigation equipment, animals, and other farm related items. The roads are dirt and gravel. The farm has taken normal precautions to remove dangerous objects from visitors' path of travel but cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of visitors who are not ordinarily careful, nor the safety of unattended children, immune compromised, and the elderly.

By purchasing this ticket, I agree that I understand the terms of the Release and I agree as a condition of entry and use of the premises to release Andreotti Family Farms, Dino, Terry, Frank Andreotti, and Dawn Dillman, as well as their families, affiliates, employees and representatives ("the Releasees:), from any claim or liability arising from or related to my entry upon the premises of Andreotti Family Farms. If any family member or other adult traveling with me has failed to sign this release, I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Releasees from claims or liabilities related to them.

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